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How is being called the Redskins bad?

2013.05.10 Fri


Spartans on the other hand cheap nfl nike jerseys, is no where near offensive. It refers directly to an Ancient Greek people. There is no connotation that is negative, unlike Fighting Irish (connotation of Irish being drunks and violent) and Ragin' Cajun (Hicks) can be construed as slightly negative.

I spent a few months in Limerick Ireland about 6 years ago cheap jerseys usa.....witnessed first hand Gypsy's looting places and violence over soccer the Irish like to fight? Heck yes they do. Stereotypes come from a majority representation of a cultural subset who action the things that are pointed out.

I am not saying people should take offense to them titans jersey. Just that they can have a negative connotation to the name. And I'm not advocating for any of those names to be changed. Just because a team is named after a Native American (Seminoles, Braves, Indians) doesn't mean it's racist. Redskins used to be an offensive term, but the term recently falcons jersey (at least for 20 years) has fallen out of the colloquial language.


The Cubs should move.

2013.05.02 Thu


If Cubs moved to the suburbs, you don't think they could increase their revenue drastically? I also know that all MLB players would love to actually have a quality clubhouse facilities and be able to play almost all night games. Another benefit is night games produce a much higher TV rating, so with part of the Cubs cheap jersey TV deal expiring in 2014, they do have a strong interest in playing a lot more night games.

Build a new stadium, or change Wrigley to make it like all the other "modern" ballparks, and I will stop going. Period. Ricketts cubs jersey cheap may find out just how many people feel the same way. By the way, how will he be building a hotel across the street. Does he own the land or is Chicago cheap mlb jerseys going to steal it from the rightful owners? Eminent domain should never be used to forcibly take privately owned property from one person to give it to another. It should only be used for legitimate government business.

Wrigley is a great field to experience once, but it's not a great stadium anymore. The neighborhood is fantastic, but parking is insane. If the Cubs cheap jerseys sale moved out past O'Hare, attendance wouldn't suffer one bit. It'd just be more suburbanites and fewer North Siders.

Tyrann Mathieu Having A 1st Round Draft Party

2013.04.26 Fri


I think Mathieu is going to turn out to be a terrific "nickel-back." But, if someone drafts him expecting him to play full-time on the outside, they may be hanging him out to dry cheap nfl jerseys. In the right situation, he will make tons of plays starting year one.

Mayb he will, but I believe he will spend at least half of his rookie year on the practice squad if he goes to a decent team nfl jerseys free shipping. And he just can't keep away from the Wacky Tobacky, and yet wants some team to take a risk on him. He's not even a roster member, and he's already partying like a Rock Star in NYC. He needs the media pressure, because he apparently isn't presuring KC chiefs jersey.

Bet his party gets raided and he winds up suspended by the NFL cheap nfl nike jerseys before he even gets drafted.

NFL releases list of 2013 Draft attendees

2013.04.11 Thu


Two quarterbacks will be in New York: West Virginia's Geno Smith and Florida State's EJ Manuel.

That's the same number as offensive guards making the trip: Alabama's Chance Warmack and University of North Carolina's Jonathan Cooper. Six defensive linemen and five offensive tackles will be in the house.

Smith figures to get the most attention of any player in the green room. Even though he might not get taken as early as people think, Smith still looks like a safe first-round pick. That's true of most of the 23 players.

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Draft Buzz: Geno Smith-Jaguars chatter picking up?

2013.03.27 Wed


Let's start in Jacksonville, where the Jaguars -- with the second buy football jerseys online overall pick -- are being linked to a quarterback.

"I'm always skeptical of draft rumblings during this time of year,"'s Daniel Jeremiah tweeted Tuesday, "but I've heard several league sources mention (the Jaguars and West Virginia's Geno jerseys online store Smith)."

It makes sense when you consider that new Jaguars coach Gus Bradley inherited Blaine Gabbert, the embattled young passer set to play for his third head coach in as many seasons (four, if you count interim coach Mel Tucker in cheap nfl football jerseys 2011). Bradley saw first-hand in Seattle what Russell Wilson's emergence meant for the Seahawks, but rolling the dice on Smith at No. 2 feels like a wild reach.

LGBT Allies Prepare For Gay NFL Player To Come Out

2013.03.27 Wed


No gay athlete playing in men's professional football, basketball, hockey or baseball has ever come out. But with rumors swirling that a current NFL player may soon come out of the closet, gay rights supporters in athletics are cheap nfl jerseys china working to ensure that he will have a solid support system in place if he does.

"We want to let this NFL cheap nfl jerseys from china player -- or any closeted gay player -- know that you have backup. Your community, whether it is your teammates or your fan base is here to support you," said Hudson Taylor, founder and executive director of Athlete Ally, in a statement. Athlete Ally is a 11,000-member group that works to end homophobia in sports.

NFL linebacker Scott Fujita, who is an Athlete Ally ambassador nfl cheap jerseys and most recently played with the Cleveland Browns, added, "The last thing we want to do is pressure someone into coming out or send a message that coming out is in some way better or more courageous than not. Everyone is different and has his or her own way of living life. At the same time, encouraging fans to stand up for inclusion in sports is fundamental to Athlete Ally's mission and inextricably bound to moments like this."

Elvis Dumervil unimpressed by Denver Broncos' offer?

2013.03.21 Thu


On the same day we learned the Broncos will host pass rushers Dwight Freeney and John Abraham on free-agent visits, The Denver Post reported Wednesday that Dumervil was not overwhelmed by the team's long-term contract cheap jersey offers. Dumervil is set to start taking free-agent visits in the next 48 hours.

The Baltimore Ravens jerseys from china reportedly are interested in Dumervil, but we suspect an offer from the Super Bowl champions might arrive somewhere below underwhelming. (Under underwhelming.) Dumervil, 29, should receive a better deal than Freeney, 33, and Abraham, 34. But he won't get the $8 million that the Broncos were willing to pay him before last week's fax-inspired contract flap.

This is a high-stakes game of chicken. Dumervil still cheap jerseys china might have the best earning potential with the Broncos, and the Broncos would like to have Dumervil back if possible. As we saw with the Wes Welker negotiations, however, sometimes personal feelings can get in the way of doing business.

Georgia draft hopefuls set to test for NFL scouts

2013.03.21 Thu


NFL scouts and coaches are set to preview what is nfl jersey shop expected to be Georgia's biggest NFL draft class in school history.

Possible first-round picks nfl jersey sales Jarvis Jones, Alec Ogletree and Jonathan Jenkins will headline a large group of draft hopefuls who will be tested on Georgia's pro day on Thursday.

Georgia could have 10 or more players selected in nfl team jerseys next month's NFL draft. It had a school-record eight players drafted in 2002.

2013 NFL Draft: Rookies with Pro-Bowl Potential in Year One

2013.03.14 Thu


Milliner was already considered the top cornerback cheap jerseys wholesale prospect before absolutely dominating the NFL combine. Now he's considered almost a lock as a top-10 pick, and has a legitimate chance at getting drafted No. 1 overall.

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He ran a blazing 4.37 in the 40-yard dash, proving that he has the speed to go along with great coverage skills. While his hands are a little suspect, he should have no troubles slowing down even the best receivers in the league.

Broncos fill big need with Knighton

2013.03.14 Thu


Denver followed up the Wes Welker deal by signing Jacksonville defensive tackle Terrance Knighton. He played for Denver defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio in Jacksonville and there is mutual respect. Knighton and the cheap jerseys free shipping re-signed Kevin Vickerson should make for an imposing tackle pairing for Denver.

Denver could always use the No. 28 pick in the draft on a defensive tackle, but they are in pretty good shape. Knighton is a good run stuffer and that what’s Denver was looking to improve upon.

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Meanwhile, the addition of middle linebacker Stewart Bradley gives the team someone to compete with Ante riving and Steven Johnson for the starting job. Thus, the chances of the team getting a middle linebacker in the first round has lessened even though I expect John Elway to stick to his plan of taking the best available player.